Antergos Deepin

NOTICE: Antergos-Deepin is no longer actively maintained as I have branched off from Antergos to form my own distro, Reborn OS

(Found here)

This Antergos Community Edition is an Antergos Linux ISO with Deepin DE as the Live Environment and four new, additional DE’s to choose from upon installation! These DE’s include Deepin, i3, Enlightenment, and Budgie. Enjoy!

Review of Antergos Deepin Review of Antergos Deepin




ISO Refresh – September 21st 2017

Notable Changes:

  • Continued NVIDIA support.
  • Added gnome-font-viewer, gnome-logs, reflector, and gnome-calculator.
  • Several new themes to choose from.
  • Built in support for VPNs.
  • Modified pacman effect using ILoveCandy.
  • icons and themes now work by default.
  • Made the ISO smaller in size and less bloated.
  • Added deepin-file-manager-root.
  • Added a friendly welcome application from the Antergos developers.
  • Changed the wallpaper.
  • Packages updated for the live environment.

Download Locations:

Updated, New ISO (recommended for most people)

Download at MediaFire

Alternative Downloads:

(In the event that MediaFire is not working for you or you just wish to use a different download location)

The following are older ISOs (antergos-deepin 17.9)

Need Help Installing?

Use Etcher to easily put the ISO file from above onto a USB. This will allow you to reboot into Antergos Deepin and install it. Enjoy!

Tricks of the Trade


Ever wanted to add a custom command to a hot corner in Deepin? Thankfully, this is easily accomplished. Just install dconf-editor and navigate to /com/deepin/dde/zone in it, adding a custom value to whatever corner you wish. The top-left category determines the top left hot corner’s properties, the bottom-right category determines the bottom right hot corner’s properties, and so on. Just insert your desired command as a custom value. Here’s an example of a possible command:

dbus-send --session --dest=com.deepin.wm --print-reply /com/deepin/wm com.deepin.wm.PerformAction int32:1

but it could also be as simple as opening chrome:


Whatever you decide to do, I hope it enhances you Deepin experience. Enjoy!

Language for Desktop Shortcuts:

Having trouble with your desktop shortcuts? Are they not appearing in the correct language? Thankfully, this problem is easily overcome by a few simple steps.

  1. Open the shortcut with Gedit (or whatever text editor you prefer).
  2. In Name and Comment add in the required language, adding the capital letters that are missing. Here’s an example:

Comment[ru]=Центр управления окружением Deepin Desktop
Name[ru]=Центр управлени

Changed to:

Comment[ru_RU]=Центр управления окружением Deepin Desktop
Name[ru_RU]=Центр управления


Using Gnome Calendar Instead of Deepin Calendar:

Wish to use Gnome Calendar rather than Deepin Calendar but don’t know how to fully integrate it into Deepin? Fortunately, this can be easily done by copying and pasting these commands into your terminal:

  1. sudo pacman -S gnome-calendar (to install Gnome Calendar).
  2. sudo pacman -R deepin-calendar (to remove Deepin Calendar).
  3. sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gnome-calendar /usr/bin/dde-calendar (to link the Gnome calendar to where the Deepin one used to be).
  4. Gnome Calendar depends on online accounts service to work with online accounts. However, Deepin does not come with this feature. To get around this, install Evolution. Lock with Evolution mail and get Evolution data server installed along. Then logg in and remove Evolution. The data server will stay. And that’s it!

As always, enjoy!

Sync Google Drive In Deepin:

Ever wanted to sync your google account, or any other cloud account for that matter, in Deepin like you can in Gnome? Well never fear! It is possible with the following steps carried out:

  1. sudo pacman -S gnome-control-center gnome-online-accounts gvfs-google(to install necessary packages).
  2. XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME gnome-control-center online-accounts (to open Google sync).

Hope this helps, and enjoy!

Technical Details and Credits


      • adwaita-icon-theme
      • antergos-wallpapers-deepin
      • adwaita-icon-theme
      • brasero
      • deepin-account-faces
      • deepin-api
      • deepin-artwork-themes
      • deepin-calendar
      • deepin-control-center
      • deepin-daemon
      • deepin-desktop-base
      • deepin-desktop-schemas
      • deepin-dock
      • deepin-file-manager
      • deepin-grub2-themes
      • deepin-gtk-theme
      • deepin-image-viewer
      • deepin-launcher
      • deepin-menu
      • deepin-notifications
      • deepin-qt5integration
      • deepin-session-ui
      • deepin-shortcut-viewer
      • deepin-sound-theme
      • deepin-wallpapers
      • deepin-wm-switcher
      • deepin-screenshot
      • deepin-screen-recorder
      • deepin-system-monitor
      • deepin-terminal
      • deepin-voice-recorder
      • deepin-music
      • deepin-boot-maker
      • deepin-cogl
      • deepin-movie
      • deepin-mutter
      • deepin-system-monitor
      • gedit
      • gnome-calculator
      • gnome-disk-utility
      • gnome-font-viewer
      • gnome-software
      • gtk-theme-adapta
      • gtk-theme-paper
      • network-manager-applet
      • networkmanager-openvpn
      • noto-fonts
      • noto-fonts-cjk
      • noto-fonts-emoji
      • numix-frost-themes
      • numix-icon-theme-square
      • pamac
      • reflector
      • startdde
      • unicode-character-database

Source Code:



Maintainer: Keegan

Tester: Velkerk

Advisers: Karasu, Velkerk, Joksik, and Joe Kamprad

Developers: Karasu and Keegan

13 thoughts on “Antergos Deepin

  1. Antergos Deepin is possible thanks to the constancy, illusion and optimism of Keegan. Karasu does a great job and checks that everything is correct and Joe Kamprad brings valuable information. I appreciate your work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you using Arch right now? If dd is failing, perhaps you can try Suse Image Writer instead. I do not know if this will help or not, as dd should be working. If Suse Image Writer does not work, then I would suggest opening a thread on the Forum here.

      Hope this helps!


        1. Hmmm… what OS are you using right now? In addition, this page might prove helpful to you. But this is really more of an issue for the Antergos Forum I think. That way we won’t bog everyone else down while we try to solve your issue. Once we have solved it though, then we could post it here for everyone else to see! Is that OK with you?

          Hope this helped and good luck!


        2. P.S. Perhaps your download of the ISO image is corrupted? All of the above (that you have mentioned) work for me. What happens if you just try downloading it again?


        1. That’s strange. Do you have an NVIDIA card? Antergos often runs into problems with that one, but the Antergos NVIDIA ISO is fully optimized for it. If this is the case, I would suggest trying that. If your problem is more complex, perhaps you could use the official support Forum?



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