Antergos Rescue

Ever had your system break on you before? Ever needed to repair it using a rescue disk? Most rescue disks are made with Ubuntu in mind, but not this one. This one is based on Antergos, a rolling distro. This means you will have many more programs available to you than your usual Ubuntu disk would allow. All with an easy, familiar GUI all set up to meet your needs even when repairing your system. Whatever they may be. This will in turn enable you to get what you need to get done quicker and more efficiently. And the good news is that this can aid in system repair no matter what Operating System you are using! Whether it be Ubuntu, Arch, or even Windows, you can get what you need done with Antergos Rescue. Enjoy!

Download Locations

Technical Details and Credits


  • compton
  • lxpanel
  • lxterminal
  • network-manager-applet
  • nitrogen
  • notify-osd
  • openbox
  • midori
  • pamac
  • obmenu
  • antergos-openbox-setup
  • gnome-disk-utility
  • lxsession
  • brasero
  • clonezilla
  • grsync
  • testdisk
  • fatsort
  • gparted
  • gpart
  • haskell-safecopy
  • ddrescue
  • rmlint-shredder
  • wipe
  • extundelete
  • ext4magic
  • e2fsprogs
  • grep
  • lsof
  • glsof
  • ntfs-3g
  • ddd
  • dd_rescue
  • hdparm
  • odt2txt
  • antiword
  • pdfgrep
  • isomd5sum
  • aide
  • osec
  • clamtk
  • rkhunter
  • unhide
  • foremost
  • sleuthkit
  • bleachbit

Source Code:



Maintainer: Keegan

Tester: Keegan

Advisor: Xaver

Developers: Karasu and Keegan

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