Antergos Offline

Ever need to install Antergos offline? With this ISO your needs are met! Below are its’ main purposes: Easy experince using i3-wm Ergonomic tools (easystroke, lxsession, xfdesktop, xfce4-panel) Use Archlinux+Antergos+AUR repositories Yaourt installed by default (AUR repositories) Offline installer (modified from Pacbang linux) Online installer (Cnchi – Antregos) Use both iso/installed system as installer for … More Antergos Offline

Antergos Sonar

Looking for a Linux distro based on Arch already set up with assistive technology? Look no farther. Antergos Sonar offers built in support for every one, especially the blind. If this sounds interesting to you, you may wish to check out their website. Download Locations (no zfs): SourceForge Hubic Torrent and Direct Downloads